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Xueru Tang


Xueru Tang is our main Producer that has been with us since the very beginning. Xueru Tang left everything behind and moved to Los Angeles in order to pursue a lifelong dream of working in the film production industry in Hollywood. Xueru has been involved as a producer on multiple pictures both in Asia and USA. Xueru has been involved in the film production business for over 10 years. She has been featured in multiple magazines and gained multiple awards for the pictures that she produced.

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Dmitry Kharchuk


Dmitry Kharchuk is our Director and Writer who always has great ideas for our projects. Dmitry received his education in Europe and Russia, before moving to USA to pursue a career in film. He has directed numerous commercials, music videos and a few feature films while receiving multiple awards for directing and screenwriting.

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Jun Xia


Jun Xia is our chief Editor and Film Director. Jun has numerous nominations and wins at the most prestigious film festivals in the world. He has brought numerous awards and nominations to projects done by Hungry Panda. Jun has obtained master degrees in directing and editing both in institutions in Asia and USA. He is extremely professional and genuinely talented at his craft as an editor and Director.

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