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Indie Movie

The Indie Movie is our spirit and our feature. We create the original story, write our own script, make the pitch book, push it to shoot, and marketing well. We have a good relationship with the distribution company in the US, we help new filmmaker who has the great script ready to pitch. We also do the funding to help more and more talent directors or writers to make their story shoot and goes to big screen.



We have so many years of experience

working in the commercial industry, working on the brand story and spirit is our focus. We always keep good communicate with client, and put our creative, to make the commercial showing the products and the client petition. We keep the image interesting and high quality. We use the film style to make every commercial. Show not tell is always the first goal for us.



We do VIDEO PRODUCTION / PHOTO SHOOT PRODUCTION as born the baby. We help the client to find the perfect location with the best deal, casting models with many Hollywood agent companies. We are here to assistant you find the best crew to get the best products. We start from preproduction, with your whole production time, and can be the coordinator for your post-production time. With clients or creators to make their stories happen is our passion work. All the process we will be together. To make the story from the paper to the image is our first power.

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